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EUF Legal Study

Our unique overview analysis of the legal and regulatory environments in Europe (and a number of important comparator countries) has been brought up to date in 2021 with an extensive review and revision of the country responses. We believe this document now represents the only comprehensive analysis of its type available to the Industry, its regulators and lawmakers, associated support service providers and interested third parties.

EUF legal study frontBack in 2007, IFG and ABFA (UK) in partnership created a groundbreaking comparative study of the legal and regulatory environments for factoring and receivables financing in Europe and some other major markets.

In 2011, the EUF took over the project and initiated a full update of the study which has evolved into a compendium of the different legal, fiscal and other environments relating to receivables financing in the EU member states and in 5 important non EU "benchmark" countries, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA.

The project was further updated in 2013, 2017 and 2021.

In 2017 and 2021, in light of the continuing development of Legal and Regulatory provisions affecting the Industry, a deeper revision has been undertaken, with an extended set of questions covering the issues. 

The value of this study lies in bringing this important information together in one place for reference purposes.

To compile the necessary information, knowledgeable individuals from within the industry have been asked to answer a series of questions about their own national legal environment.

The EUF is most appreciative of the assistance received from enterprises as well as national associations in the factoring, invoice discounting and receivables financing industry and its Local Correspondents.

The study consists of 15 questions touching most of the areas of receivable financing and factoring.

For EUF Members EUF Legal Study 2021 is available in Members only section.

A pdf version of the study is also available for download to interested third parties for the amount of €250 Excl. VAT.

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The EUF (EU Federation for the Factoring & Commercial Finance Industry), its members, the Local Correspondents, roundwindow consultancy services and all individuals and/or companies who have answered or assisted in answering the questions will have no responsibility whatsoever regarding the correctness, completeness and legal enforceability of any subject contained in this study.

It is strongly recommended to request professional advice from competent parties (legal advisers, auditors, accountants, tax advisers etc.) before planning or carrying out any activities in factoring or receivables finance in any of the countries listed in this study.